About Us

Brunswick Bowling Club has had a colourful history spanning almost one hundred years. Like many bowls clubs in Melbourne it grew to its height in the seventies when it had over five hundred members. As bowling was mostly seen in the past as an old peoples’ game, the number of members and the use of the clubs began to dwindle.

In recent years the popularity of lawn bowls has seen a renaissance. Movies like Cracker Jack have seen many of the younger generation getting involved.

The future of our club is looking bright. We now have a strong member base full of colourful characters. We have won 2 pennants in the past few years and a sectional pennant as well. If You’re looking for the best lawn bowls club Melbourne has, Brunswick Bowling Club is committed to improving the quality of bowlers in the club and have appointed a World Class Bowling coach to help everyone.

Our clubhouse has been rocking with many fun parties and many social bowlers have been well entertained. So come on down for a roll.


Staff and Committee


Cam Foley

Vice President

Danny Michell


Malcolm Moore


David Marshall


Paul Marshall


Daren Swanwick


Stella Durdin

Operations Manager

Hailey Martin