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Melbourne's Best Barefoot Bowling Club

Barefoot bowling is available on most days at Brunswick Bowling Club. Even when we have a competition on, we have a second green available for our visitors. We provide the bowls, and the basic bowls coaching you need to have a fun afternoon on the grass and in the sun.

Playing Lawn Bowls

If you and your mates are keen to learn about playing lawn bowls in Australia, perhaps it is time you found yourself a bowling club to frequent. At Brunswick Bowling Club, we provide a barefoot grass lawn bowling experience in Melbourne, that is accompanied by all the familiar accessories that one would expect of a barefoot bowls club in Australia. We cater to competitions as well as leisurely sessions, so members and walk-ins are both welcome to visit for a game of barefoot lawn bowls.

If you are a fan of outdoor bowling, you’ll be happy to know that we operate a lawn bowls club that provides ample greens for patrons to enjoy a lovely game of outdoor bowling. It’s easy to pick up, and lots of pressure-less fun with friends. Bowling barefoot is among one of the favourite pastimes in Melbourne, and few barefoot lawn bowls clubs will offer the same amount of quality and variety when it comes to providing a wholesome environment and facilities for its patrons.

If you are thinking of trying a game of barefoot lawn bowls out for yourself, don’t forget to bring a team along with you! Barefoot lawn bowls is an activity best enjoyed in a group. Lawn bowling Melbourne enthusiasts all know the joys of having a green to yourself and your teammates, while you enjoy the feel of the green underfoot, and the warmth of the sun overhead. For the perfect barefoot grass experience available, consider how you’ll find a lawn bowls club, and so much more when you next visit the Brunswick Bowling Club.

Lawn bowls is easy to learn and you could possibly become a professional very quickly. There is also a pool table, a pinball machine and a great atmosphere that we hope adds up to the most fun lawn bowls Melbourne has to offer.

A Lawn Bowls Club with Everything You Need

Our bar is always open with a huge selection of drinks to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you are one or one hundred people, we have all the facilities available while you are here to let you and your friends enjoy and relax.

Whether you are celebrating a Birthday or an Engagement we have the facilities to cater for your next barefoot bowls party. Our multi-purpose venue can host a variety of events from Corporate Workshops, Staff Parties, Bucks / Hens Days as well as Family Friendly Celebrations.

There’s guaranteed to be something for everyone when you next book your event with us at the Brunswick Bowling Club. While you try your hand at barefoot lawn bowls with your team, the rest of your group is always welcome to enjoy our well-stocked bar, or to check out our other available facilities. After all, what’s a lawn bowls club without ample room and function for patrons to mingle amongst themselves?

We provide a barefoot lawn bowls experience that caters not only to the lawn bowling Melbourne fan, but also to those who are just keen to have a look. What we offer is a wholesome lawn bowls club experience that will cater to those interested in barefoot lawn bowls, and more. See it as a social experience, and not just a lawn bowls club. And if you happen to get into the swing of things when it comes to enjoying a bit of outdoor bowling, then by all means have a splendid weekend out on one of our greens.

Outdoor bowling is highly recommended as a team activity, and we strongly encourage that our patrons drop by with their friends in teams. Our patrons are just as welcome to stop by however, even during days that see our greens booked out. Stop by to enjoy the bar and other facilities, and you’ll soon see why there’s much more to a lawn bowls club than just a good game of outdoor bowling.

Lawn Bowls Melbourne

Everyone is welcome at the Brunswick Bowling Club. If you have been searching for the best Melbourne bowling club, you need to look no further. Our facilities cater for the best lawn bowls Melbourne experience, and we also provide for lawn bowling functions. Gather your mates, come for a bit of exercise and have a laugh while you are at it!
We provide a lawn bowls facility that caters to a wide variety of needs. Our facilities provide for a thoroughly enjoyable lawn bowling Melbourne experience, and we are happy to accommodate anyone who is out for a great day of barefoot bowling. The next time you find yourself considering a venue to bring your group to, think about how the Brunswick Bowls Club can offer a bit of something for everyone.
We are always happy to take bookings, so check with our friendly staff at any time if you are considering a lawn bowls experience with your friends. As we also provide venue and function hire services, be sure to ask us about our range of substantial catering for any lawn bowling functions you may require.
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We have barbeques that you can hire and use while you attend any barefoot bowls or social bowling event. For a small fee you can bring your own food and cook a barbeque while you are playing your game of bowls.